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Becoming Horny Greek

being horny and greek at the same time

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November 04 2011
Posted by hornygreek  [ 13:34 ]
Rapist Gets Three Years For Shaving Body Hair Off Drinking Buddy Be careful who you have a drinking session with. Apparently, drinking buddies can do the most outrageous things to you. These include drugging, raping and shaving your body hair.

John Haig Marshall of Redondo Beach did just that. In 2009, he drugged and raped his drinking buddy with a thin, hard object. He then went on to shave the body hair off his drinking buddy who lay helpless in the shower. What could have driven John to drug and rape his buddy? What made him shave his pal's body hair? Is it some kind of gay fetish gone awry?

He "was arrested on a felony charge of penetration with a foreign object while using a drug." His victim said Marshall invited him over because he needed help fixing his computer. The drinking started and it was eventually followed by the sexual and shaving encounter in the shower. But Marshall's attorney says his client asserts "the shower was consensual and there was no sexual penetration."

Marshall was a former Redondo Beach Police Department reserve officer in 1980. He resigned for unknown reasons. Prior to the incident described above, he has been investigated for allegations of sexual assault and dealing drugs which involved teenage boys. He has been the subject of previous investigations regarding sex, drugs, and teen boys. Anonymous tipsters say Marshall has handed out "cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and alcohol" to his underage buddies. Detectives suspected that

Marshall could have been raping men and boys for the last 30 years.

Marshall was sentenced to serve three years as part of a plea deal. He pleaded no contest to raping an intoxicated person. He will have to register as a sex offender when he gets out of jail.
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October 24 2011
Posted by hornygreek  [ 11:25 ]

Isaac is a 19-year old hunk. He is 6 feet tall, blond, handsome and has a jock's body. In high school he was one of the star players of his school's basketball team. It is probably the reason why he has such a gorgeous body. High school was a blast for Isaac. He was extremely popular. He was a star payer, and girls go wild whenever they see him pass the school corridor. Rumor has it that he was also extremely hung and he has hooked up with every girl in school. No wonder he's a chick magnet. Chicks dig large packages especially when their owners know how to use them. But Isaac is not just hung. He is really hung.

Oh, life was good for Isaac. Was. Today, Isaac can't hardly make both ends meet. After high school, his dad kicked him out when he got a girl pregnant. The girl's family took their daughter somewhere far where Isaac can't bother them and their daughter. Isaac lost his scholarship and so he did not make it to college.

From then on, Isaac was on his own. All by himself, he led a financially-deprived life. He lives alone in a small rented apartment at the other side of town, far from his father and works as a waiter at Big Joe's Diner. Despite living an almost decrepit life, Isaac did not let his good looks go down the drain. He is still handsome as hell. Girls and sometimes lonely, older women take him out on a date. Isaac had not intention whatsoever of becoming a gigolo, but he drives women crazy after sex that they feel it is just fair to hand him a few but sometimes large amount of cash.

One day, while strolling at the mall, Isaac who was looking like a model, wearing white shirt and faded jeans, was approached by an older man.

"I'll be straightforward, son. How would you like to earn cash?"

"Excuse me?" Isaac was caught off guard.

"Would you like to model?"


"Yes. For gay porn."

Isaac didn't see that coming, and he wanted to hit the man, but he held his composure.

"Why would you ask me such a thing? Do I look gay to you?"

"No. You look as straight as a ruler to me."

"Then why ask me to do gay porn?"

"Because straight boys who go gay for pay, make it big in the gay porn industry. You are valued higher."


"Yes, higher. Anyway, I won't take much of your time. Give it a thought. I'll give you my calling card."

Isaac took the card quite reluctantly, but he did. He is broke as hell and he can use extra cash. The next day, he called the number on the calling card, and the day after that, he was to come to an audition.

Isaac was feeling a bit nervous, but he assured himself that what he is about to get himself into will have huge rewards. When he arrived at the studio, he was asked to remove his clothes, which he did without hesitation. Isaac has no qualms whatsoever about getting naked, even if this time he has a gay audience. He takes pride in his body and his large penis.

When everyone on the set saw how hung Isaac is, they became silent. They knew he was going to be a star. His bad boy good looks and his huge cock will be his ticket to fame and success. Isaac read their minds, and he felt more comfortable. He was approached by an equally good looking young man who started stripping his own clothes.

"Are you ready?"

"I guess."

Isaac felt a bit nervous but it was replaced by positive conditioning. When the other guy, knelt down and started licking his cock, Isaac knew he is going to get the hang of it. After all, the guy's warm mouth wrapped his huge cock felt really good. He wanted to fuck the guy right then and there, which he eventually did. When Isaac finally came, he realized that he can get used to this. He feels there is nothing wrong with straight boys who fuck boys, especially when money talks.
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